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By aˆ?suppressionaˆ? they mean something that is bad and/or questioning about scientology

While scientologists proclaim they’ve aˆ?the techaˆ? to protect all of them from suppressive influences in addition they learn how to aˆ?confront and shatteraˆ? this kind of thing, indeed, they prevent aˆ?suppressionaˆ? at any cost. While they are faced with such things, they manage as a result. Close her attention. Hold their particular palms regarding ears and hum to by themselves to avoid hearing anything.

Scientologists CANNOT face aˆ?suppression.aˆ? They are unable to actually confront aˆ?Suppressives.aˆ? Basically go by a scientology company, they shut her gates and hold their everyone inside until the danger has gone by. If I walk into a motion picture theatre so there tend to be scientologists truth be told there, they set (with which has happened). Easily am on an airplane and 3 individuals from the Office of specialized Affairs have range to board similar plane and watch me personally, they don’t board (that HAS took place).

Hubbard coated everybody that didn’t accept their vista as aˆ?enemiesaˆ?. The psychs. Medical profession. National agents. The mass media. Record try longer.

Jenna Elfman’s pitch had been how scientology keeps keeps helped this lady aˆ?stay groundedaˆ? (she does not manage entirely grounded if you ask me) and aˆ?Well, i am a Scientologist for 28 many years and that is a massive section of exactly what helps maintain the [with spouse of 25 years Bodhi Elfman] communications moving in all of our connection

Scientologists is instructed to not ever pay attention to nothing aˆ?negative.aˆ? Not to check the click (these are typically enemies of scientology and the enemy of those – aˆ?Merchants of Chaosaˆ? is actually just how Hubbard called all of them). They know that nothing adverse are an aˆ?enemy lineaˆ? (which can be anything that doesn’t go with the aˆ?party lineaˆ? of scientology) therefore the effects of buying into aˆ?enemy linesaˆ? is a trip to your thics policeman and also the acquisition of even more sec checking and/or guide products…

Group like Jenna Elfman are typical also happy to merely accept the bs these are typically provided (scientology try expanding and is also starting a variety of wonderful activities assisting vast amounts of folks each year) regardless of the research before their extremely vision. You’ll find none thus blind because they who decided to go with not to ever appear.

Definitely, we know why it is aˆ?boringaˆ? – as this may be the aˆ?tone levelaˆ? of 2.5 on Hubbard’s build size. And each and every scientologist knows that to aˆ?controlaˆ? someone you run half a tone above them – in this instance 2.0 is aˆ?Antagonism.aˆ?

Thus, people who self-proclaim themselves big humanitarians are totally oblivious or maybe just don’t value the human being rights abuses of one’s own company. They sometimes pretend it’s all lays, or know that it is not lies but deviate any conversation from it with aˆ?I really don’t careaˆ? or aˆ?it’s humdrum to speak aboutaˆ? or aˆ?I’m sure just what it has been doing for meaˆ? (and everyone otherwise feel damned).

They are now living in a ripple industry where only news given for them by scientology is going to be believed

Typically they cite some personal aˆ?successaˆ? to explain how great everything is so when sort of aˆ?disseminationaˆ? pitch. Sail and Travolta used to do this whenever they in fact talked about scientology. Elisabeth Moss too.

we escort Brownsville have now never duped on every other, we have never split up. We hang inside.aˆ? Jeez, the reason which has hadn’t struggled to obtain Tom Cruise? One or even the various other people was possibly perhaps not using the technical or lying.

After which she taken away another old chestnut from regular scientology PR answers: aˆ?In my opinion that whatever operates does see attacked.aˆ? This is certainly like Hubbard’s aˆ?we understand we’re thriving because the squirrels were screamingaˆ? – in such a case the verification that people do-nothing incorrect usually we’re new…

What you NEVER discover try a scientologist dealing with required disconnection, or men and women being regged into personal bankruptcy, or mask of criminal activities, or actual assaults by Daviud Miscavige, and/or disappearance of Shelly Miscavige in addition to best echelon of scientology management personnel.

This is why I consistently relate to the aˆ?scientology bubbleaˆ? – these individuals reside in a cocoon of lies all of them agree upon. The surface aˆ?wogaˆ? community is unaware, unaware and bigoted against them.

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